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Online Poker Player

Types of Poker Players You Can Find Online

Online poker games have been receiving a lot of attention all around the world. It is not only one of the most played card games and is a source of fun & entertainment among people. While many play this game just for the fun factor, many consider it as a source of additional income too. There is a variety of online poker players that can be found, each differing from another.

If you are wondering what type of a poker player you are, then this blog is just for you. Based on the betting style and initial hand position, the online poker players can be categorized as:

Tight-passive: The Rock

A player belonging to this category is often seen to be playing only a few hands. One of the most prominent features shown by players from this category is that they rarely bet and raise the amount. However, these players exhibit such traits only when they usually hold a strong hand. If you ever come across such players, it is mostly suggested to fold if you aren’t sure that you have the strongest hand.

Tight-aggressive: The TAG

The players from this category are found to be betting and raising the amount very frequently. However, their most crucial trait is that they rarely call. They have a very successful strategy and most of the times they are bluffing in order to force their opponents to fold. These players are often found to be multi-tabling.

Loose-passive: The Calling Station

The players from the calling station category are known to be playing starting hands mostly. However, it is noticed that these players bet or raise very rarely. This is the style adopted by many beginner online poker players who are trying to get accustomed to the game. These players are quite at the risk of losing as their action primarily depend on the flop. However, when playing against a calling station player, you should not bluff much as they are most likely to call your bluff. Hence, limiting the profit.

Loose-aggressive: The LAG

The loose-aggressive or the LAG players frequently bet and raise on the table but are seen to be rarely calling the bet. This is a high-risk strategy adopted by players that play many hands on a table. These people are usually the most experienced poker players and very difficult to read. If you ever come across such a player then it is best to fold unless you are confident about the cards you are holding. If you think you have good cards, then you can go against such players easily.

Well, these are some of the most common type of poker players that you can find online. Now that you know how to identify poker players on the basis of their playing, be prepared to play against each type. Till then, let us know in comments what type of a poker player are you.