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Tragic Poker Mistakes That You Should Stop Making Now

Poker is a game of skills, and whenever you play something using skills, there are chances that you would make mistakes. Those mistakes sometimes can cost a player a fortune. Playing online poker game is a good choice for newer players as it can offer multiple things, like playing on multi tables and above all, playing fast hands. You can play four times more number of hands online than on a live table. But these pros come with some cons too, you are more prone to making mistakes online because the hands are too fast and you get less time to think.

On the contrary, these mistakes can be easily avoided if you focus on these mistakes. There are players who keep losing, and they don’t know the reason behind it. Yes, losing is a part of the game, but if you are losing more frequently then you are at fault. There must be something that is not going according to the gameplay and that is why you lose all your chips in a single sitting.

In order to get back on track and start winning again, you need to think about the tragic mistakes that you have been doing in the online poker game. If you do not know where to begin, listed below are some of the tragic mistakes made by the poker players, read it out and conclude what mistakes you are doing among these.

Are You Playing Too Tight?

If you are playing too tight in poker, make sure to loosen a bit. Although playing tight is good sometimes, it does not work always. You got to loosen up a bit and try to be a little more aggressive.

Keep In Check Your Account:

A lot of players forget to check their balance and keep on playing. This is called irresponsible playing and costs big for a lot of players. Poker is all about discipline, if you do not show discipline in the game, you will end up losing the game. A good poker player always keeps a target of playing hours and spending chips. Make sure to schedule one for yourself.

Calling For A Long Duration:

Staying in a hand for a long duration in a showdown is good but make sure to end the hand as soon as possible. That way your chances of winning big decreases, but at the same time chances of losing decrease too. Try to finish hands as early as possible, stretch out a hand only when you are confident and have the best cards.


Making mistakes and analyzing is a good thing about a player. Everybody makes mistakes, but not analyzing those mistakes is a sign of a bad poker player. In the best poker app India, players are professional and they sense the newbie players. You must practice hard and strong before going into tournaments. A good poker player always comes to the table prepared and plays responsibly for a fixed number of hours.