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Top Poker Tells You Should be Aware of, 3rd One is Mind Boggling

Recognizing poker tells in a poker game is an art. You are deriving the hole cards of your opponents simply by observing their behavior, and this is something not an average Joe can do. Reading the minds of your opponent needs a lot of experience in the world of poker. Even in online poker game, there are a lot of things through which you can derive the results of a hand, if not derive at least you can get a thorough idea. Here are a list of poker tells for you to understand, but knowing the tells and finding them out in a game is very different from each other. It will take some time but you will get there.

#1 Player being defensive

When it is your turn and you are deciding whether to bet or not, meanwhile your opponent grabs his chips indicating that he would bet as soon as he gets his turn, which means he’s being defensive. This is a poker tell, indicating that the player has not strong hole cards but is bluffing by reaching out to his chips.

#2 Hesitation

This is the most common poker tell which is very easy to apprehend by a player. A lot of times when a player is making a bet, or rather a beginner is making a bet, he hesitates if he has not have a pair of good hole cards. Professionals do not make the mistake of hesitating before making a bet. Hesitation is a sign that you’re not confident and a big bet might force you to fold. Hence, you should make a big bet before a player who is showing hesitation.

#3 Constantly checking hole cards

Another sign of having no confidence in one’s cards is checking the hole cards twice. A person does this to validate his pocket cards, which means he will eventually fold in the game. If you are playing poker at a good table, do not re-check your cards, that gives out a bad sign. Conversely, if your opponent has placed a big bet, and then he looks at his pocket cards, it means the opposite. You have to fold in that case.

#4 Goading

In an online poker game, goading is another term for instigating. When you instigate a player in making a bet, that is called as goading. It is a major tell in poker, if the player goads after making a huge bet, that means chances of him holding a good hand is high. On the other hand, goading does not work after making a small bet.


Poker tells are not very tough to spot in an online poker app. Goading is often done over mobile by sending texts over the chatbox. Calling too soon and things related to that can also be spotted in online poker. Poker tells are crucial and one should learn how to spot them in order to become good at the game.