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Poker Term

Terms in Poker Which You Should Know While Playing Poker

Have you just started playing Online Poker Game, and you are stuck with all the different terms which you do not have any idea about? Fret not you have come to the right place. In this article you will know everything about Poker that you need to know.

When a player bets all his chips on a hand, it is referred as all-in. When you have a very sweet hand and you know that you can easily win the pot, you can bet all your chips in just one move and that is called as going all-in.

Backdoor refers to the hand that emerges out in the turn or the river. When you get your desired card in the turn or the river, you make a backdoor hand.

Bad Beat
Bad fortune is commonly stated as bad beat in poker language.

A blind is the fixed amount of bet that you need to start a hand. It is decided before the hand and all the players need to bet the same amount or more if they wish to continue the game.

In Online Poker, when you bet the equal amount that your opponent has bet, you make a call. Generally, call means that you are going forward with the bet same as your opponent.

After the hole cards are dealt, and nobody has bet yet, in that situation if you want to move ahead with your hand without betting, you can check.

Community Cards
The cards that the dealer unfolds on the table is known as the community cards. You make your hand with the help of these cards.

There are 5 community cards that are unfolded on the table. Those five cards are taken out in a manner that the first time the dealer unfolds three cards and those three cards are termed as a flop.

When your pocket cards are not good and you feel like you do not have a good hand, you withdraw your hand. The act of withdrawing yourself from the hand is known as folding.

Gutshot Straight
When a player has two middle consecutive cards, in his pocket cards, that would eventually form a straight from the community cards, that is referred as the player has hit a gutshot straight.

Heads Up
When only two players compete on a table, it is called as head up. Showdown is another term when there are more than two players but every other player folds his cards and there are just two remaining contestants.

Hole Cards
The two cards that are dealt to you by the dealer is called hole cards or pocket cards.

The player who folds is called as the muck, or often the pile of the folded cards is referred as the muck.

Four of a kind in poker is also called as a quad. Same as that a three of a kind is known as trips.

These are some of the terms that you will encounter while playing in a casino or if you download a poker app.