Responsible Gaming

MyTeamPoker is committed to responsible gaming; and, as a part of its corporate social responsibility, advises its users to follow responsible gaming practices as mentioned in the MyTeamPoker Responsible Gaming guide.

At MyTeamPoker, we are dedicated to ascertaining that our users have a fun, entertaining, safe, secure, and responsible gaming experience. Thus, we have implemented a strict Responsible Gaming Policy.

Responsible Gaming Policy

  1. As mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, only Indian residents aged 18 and above are eligible to register and play on MyTeamPoker. Our platform is not available to minors.
  2. Our platform is available only for persons who are eligible to be a party to a contract as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872.
  3. We require each user to register for an account and provide KYC Documents for proof of identity (such as PAN Card and/or Bank account).
  4. From our end, we pro-actively monitor users and their activities for identifying vulnerable users and we reach out to them to ensure that they play responsibly. These measures include, but are not limited to, advising a user to exercise due caution if the user has spent or lost more than a substantial amount which, in our opinion, is alarming (excluding the winnings from the platform).

Responsible Play Guide

  1. Paid games involve time and monies, please play responsibly at your own risk.
  2. We would urge you to consider moderation while using our platform.
  3. As a reasonable person, please refrain from chasing losses. You should not consider compensating previous losses in the new contests/events with an expectation of earning profit.
  4. We would recommend you to do proper financial planning and set aside an entertainment budget that does not put any kind of constraints on you.
  5. For ensuring proper social, professional, personal, and family life, you are advised to keep a track of the time you spend playing poker and ensure that you do not comprise your daily routine, family time, time for employment or profession, or time for any other commitments.
  6. We would urge you to avoid playing Poker under the influence of alcohol, other intoxicating substances, or heightened emotional stress. Using our platform under the influence of alcohol, drugs, intoxicating substances or heightened emotional states (such as the death of a loved one, anger, depression, loneliness, etc) may adversely impact your time and monies.
  7. As a principle, please do not be coerced or influenced by other people or users and spend more money or time than you can afford to.

Responsible gaming requires cooperation between you and us. Thus, we ask you to kindly exercise due caution and thoroughly read this Responsible Gaming Policy as well as our Terms and Conditions to apprise yourself of the potential loss which may occur to you as a result of irresponsible behavior.