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Online Poker Timing Tells: What Should You Do?

Online poker timing tells can provide you an insight into what your opponent is holding. Tells in poker can make you win a hand quickly. First of all, let us understand what ‘tell’ means in poker. When you are playing poker in a casino, you observe your opponents, and if your opponent gives out a sign of having a lousy hole card or bluffing, those signs are known as tells.

In definition, a particular change in behavior or being anxious implies your opponent is vulnerable, and you judge them by these signs. Tells play a significant role in poker, and catching them is an art. You can not see your opponent’s face when you are playing online. However, you can judge them by observing how much time they are spending on a hand. If a person hesitates before raising or calling, or checks his hole cards too often, all these acts come under tells. You can easily judge a person if he gives out tells. That is why making a poker face is very important in poker. You can not give hints to your opponent by your body language. It is also a game of psychology, and it is best if you do not blow your bluffs, else you can lose a hand.

Some people believe that there is no such thing as tells when you are playing on an online poker app. But that is not the case; poker tells are everywhere, whether playing on a live table or online. How much time a player is taking while making a move or if he raises in every hand or calls instantly, all these things come under tells. You can assess your opponent’s strategy based on all these situations.

If you have raised based on your hole cards before the flop, and your opponent calls it, wait for the next turn. If in the next turn, he takes a lot of time to proceed, then he might be having a weak hand. Based on this observation, you can easily make him bet in big numbers and win a significant amount.

Most of the time, newbie players bluff without thinking twice. They go on and raise every time they have to call. If a newbie is playing, he would most likely want to stay in the game till the river and raises his hands to intimidate others. It is a classic move by beginners and very easy to spot.

There are some players who keep on raising, without wasting a second, before the flop every time they have the big blind. These are players who have a lot of chips and are on the table just for fun, they might or might not be having a good hand. You can raise with them if you have a decent pocket card and their move will work against them and they will get intimidated and might fold, leaving you as the winner. But the case is different in best poker apps in India, you get good opponents in these apps and have a good competition. So, poker tells basically everywhere you just need to find them.