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Poker Terms - Play Online Poker

Important Online Poker Terms You Should Know

Poker is a widely popular card game all around the world. People are spending a significant amount of time playing this game both online and offline. Not only it is a means of entertainment and recreational activity, but also works as an additional source of income for various poker players. With the advancements in technology and increase in the popularity of the game, people are choosing it as a full-time profession as well.

However, to be able to play poker games online, it is important that one is familiar with all the major terminologies associated with the game. If you are someone who has just started playing poker or planning to start, then here is a list of all important poker terms, curated just for you. Read on to know more.


A pre-defined amount required to be paid by every player wishing to join a particular table. It can also be understood as entry fee amount required to join a table & play a round of poker game.


GTD stands for guaranteed prize pool in online poker games. GTD is usually used for poker tournaments that have a pre-defined minimum prize pool.


Dealer in poker games refers to the individual shuffling and dealing or distributing the cards in a round of poker game. The dealer keeps on changing in every round.


The term blind is used as a generic terminology to refer to small blind or big blind. Blind is the very first or the opening bet made in a round of poker game. Blinds usually depend on the position of players, individual sitting to immediate left of dealer makes the small blind and individual at the one position farther left of dealer makes big blind.


To bet an amount equivalent to the bet amount made by previous player in order to continue playing in the game round.


To check in a round of poker, means to continue playing without putting in any money. However, a player is only allowed to Check, if no previous bet has been made yet.


In a round of poker, if a player raises, then he/she is increasing the bet amount put forth by previous betting player. This increases the bet amount in a round of poker game.


To fold in a poker round means not to make any bet. The act of folding your cards, represents that you are no longer interested in playing the hand. People usually fold when they believe they have a weak hand that cannot compete against others.

Hole Cards:

The cards dealt to each player on the table in order to be able to form playing hands. These cards are dealt face-down to each individual.

Community Cards:

Community cards are the cards dealt face-up on the table for everyone to see and use with their hole cards to make the best-possible winning hand. A total of 5 community cards are dealt in most of the poker variants, in three different rounds as Flop (3 cards), Turn (4th card) & River (5th card).


Showdown refers to the act of comparing hands at the end of the betting round in order to decide the winner(s). This is done if more than one player remains after the last betting round.

So, these were some of the most important poker terminologies that one should be aware of in order to be able to play poker games. These terms summarise the primary all the primary poker game actions. Now, that you know all these terms, start playing poker & winning big.