How to Play

Are you a Novice or a Rookie, trying to master your hand at online Poker? Don’t worry, we at MyTeamPoker, have got your back. While the interest level of the game goes up as you try to get to know it, the difficulties increase too. Let us help you understand the basics of Poker, the different variants of the game, and how to play all those different variants.

What is the Game Objective of an Online Poker Game?

A game of poker is played with a deck comprising 52 cards divided equally into 4 different suits. The players on a poker table are dealt hole cards and are required to form a best-hand as per the hand ranking rules defined in the next section.

Types of Hand & Their Rankings in Online Poker

There are a number of hand types in a game of Poker, and each of the hand has a pre-defined ranking. To win a round of online Poker game, you need to have the highest-ranked hand. The different types of hands & their rankings can be defined as:

Types of Hands & Their Rankings

How to Play Poker Online on MyTeamPoker?

A game of poker is primarily played to create a best-hand arrangement of cards through the following major actions:

  • Bet


    Putting an amount on the table

  • Call


    Matching the stakes put forth by the opponents to stay & play

  • Raise


    Placing more chips on the table than the opponent’s

  • Fold


    Withdrawing the hand

  • Check


    Declining to put any amount of chips

To learn about how to play on MyTeamPoker, watch the below video and start your journey towards mastering the game.