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Online Poker

Do You Know These Uncommon Poker Terms?

Online poker games are not new to people. Poker has always been a go-to game for many and now it being available on online platforms has made it even more popular. However, in order to be able to become a winning player in this game, the players are required to be well-versed with the techniques, tactics and vocabulary of this game. It is impossible to understand the game if you are not very much familiar with the terminology of the game.

Thus, here we are today. We have accumulated a list of unknown poker terms that very few people are familiar with. Read on to know what these are.

Bet in the Dark

The term bet in the dark stands for an act wherein a player on a poker game table places a bet even before any next round of the game or betting starts. If an individual bets in the dark it means that no matter what cards open up during the flop, turn or river round and no matter how strong or weak the player’s hand is, their bet will stand valid in the game.

Open Pair

The term open pair isn’t very much popular with the Texas Hold’em or the Omaha variant of poker game. However, it is a term that you might hear when playing the Stud poker variant of the game on the best poker sites in India. While playing stud poker, the players are dealt a pair face-up in the game round.

Calling Station

A calling station is a term that is used for describing players who instead of raising or betting play passively by calling the bets of their opponents. This kind of player often loose the game due to the style of playing they have adopted.

Paint Cards

Paint cards is another term that is used for the Face cards of the deck. These cards can be defined as the high ranking cards of the deck – the King, Queen, and Jack.


The term limp is associated with your playing style when you play a poker game online. The term limp refers to an act wherein a player is only focusing on calling the bets of its opponent rather than raising.


This term is related to poker tournaments & the winning position of the participants. The meaning of this word is – an event wherein a player is eliminated missing out on the paid positions or ranking of the tournament. For example – if you are playing a tournament & there 5 winning positions, but you are eliminated on the 6th or 7th position, then it will be said that you’ve bubbled out.

So, these were some of the terms that we believe you might not have heard of, and if you hadn’t then this article is just right for you. Now that you know even the rarely known terms of the game, what are you waiting for? Download an online poker app right now & start playing the game to win big.