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Did Gaming Disorder Increase During The Pandemic? 

Pandemic has been a tough time for all of us. Total lockdown resulted in a lot of losses for many people. People lost their livelihood, their homes. But some who were fortunate enough to stay comfortably in their homes dealt with other problems such as depression, social anxiety etc. One of the problems faced by the youth was pandemic gaming disorder. Though games like online poker game did not play a big role in ruining people’s mental health, battle royale and arcade games impacted the youngsters’ mental health.

Total lockdown prohibited everyone to go out of their homes. In this situation, the youth was cornered into their last resort, gaming. They passed their time through gaming. This resulted in a massive gaming disorder among the younger generation. Children and young adults indulged into gaming and messed up their routine. Gaming disorder massively affected the mental health of the youngsters. They used gaming as an escape from the mundane life of the lockdown. Gaming gave them a sense of superiority and control which they didn’t have in real life. This affected their studies and day to day routine.

WHO categorized Gaming disorder as a mental health condition in 2018 and during the pandemic this disorder surged greatly due to increased screentime among younger generations. Online poker websites saw a huge surge in traffic too. This resulted in parents noticing change in behavior among their children. Children developed Insomnia, anxiety, became irritable, and their studies suffered, they became detached from social gatherings.

Gaming disorder is a major problem because often times it is left untreated and some people don’t even recognize it as a mental disorder. China has limited gamers under 18 years of age to just 3 hours of online gaming per week to control the online gaming addiction among the youth. In India, a few states have a ban on online games which promote gambling or have some financial stakes such as rummy and poker however there is no ban or time limit for children on online games.

Indeed, gaming disorder increased during the pandemic, but thankfully we are out of that phase. And online games like poker and rummy are more for adults than children, hence they know how to control the urge of getting on the app and playing for hours. Games like PUBG had seriously affected the routine of the young gamers and convenience of having a phone with them did not stop them to play the game for hours.

The best poker apps in India provide responsible gaming and lets you enjoy the game without making you addictive. So, choose the best website and play your favorite card game and it won’t affect your mental health.