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5 Tips to Play Online Poker for Beginners

Poker is one of the most played online card games and is trending a lot among people, especially youngsters in India. There is a number of Indian poker apps available in the market, where people can enjoy the game at their own comfort.

Learning new skills and implementing them are some traits of a good poker player. Also, you should definitely know about the rules before you start playing online poker. The rules are very easy to understand and can be learned by beginners in a short span of time. There are various strategies every player needs to learn in order to play poker.

Here are few useful tips for beginners that will help you win online poker.

1. Not playing many hands:

Every beginner must be careful about the first hands. Every player should keep in mind that the first hands are the basic and important part while playing online poker. It should be noted that if you try to go for a number of hands, it might spoil your game. One should be careful about it from the beginning of the game. You will always come across situations where you will feel that the hand in front of you is better than the earlier ones. However, constantly changing your hands may reduce your chances of winning the game.

2. Avoid too much bluffing:

Every poker player who has excelled in poker knows the thin line between too much bluffing and playing good poker. All you need is to understand this concept. Many players think that if they bluff, they will definitely win the game. They also have a misconception that bluffing makes you an excellent player. No doubt that while playing poker you have to concentrate on bluffing as well. But, looking at the bigger picture, the game is not about bluffing only. Also, if such strategies are working negatively for you, they cannot make your game better.

3. Play against weaker players:

When you are a beginner, you cannot compete against stronger or excellent players at first. You have to make sure that the opponents you have or the people you are playing against are not all pro players. Their game should be weaker than that of yours. If you play against people who have mastered the game, you are definitely going to lose your chances of winning. They will have all the better strategies than yours and your probabilities of winning the game will reduce. So, always go against weaker players in the beginning.

4. Do not go for high stakes in the beginning:

As a new player for online poker, you should not go for higher stakes at first. If you have a strong opponent and you stake for higher values, you will lose a lot of your bankroll. Thus, going for higher stakes against pro poker players is a very bad idea. Once you come to know about betting and stakes, you will understand the concept very well. Make sure you practice enough in order to improve your skills. Eventually, you can go for higher stakes and win the games.

5. Analyzing the game:

For becoming a good poker player, you have to analyze the game in order to understand it. When you practice online poker game, you will develop the habit of observation. You have to observe the opponent’s game as well as keep an eye on all his moves. This analysis will help you improve your game.


Poker is a world-famous online game that gives you a lot of happiness. You can become a pro poker player by just keeping in mind all these tips. These are the basic and important tips you need to keep in mind. Once you read all these tips and play poker, you are a step closer to becoming a good poker player. All you need is to put in all the efforts and hard work needed.