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5 Things You Should Strictly Avoid While Playing Online Poker

Poker on a smartphone is very similar to live poker, but some aspects of online poker differentiate it from live poker. For example, poker on your phone allows you to play on multiple tables while it is not possible on a live table. These elements have made a lot of people sign up on these apps.

With the increase of users on these apps, the competition has taken a new road, a tough one. Many beginners struggle while winning amounts on these apps, probably because beginners make mistakes that cost them. However, there are a few things that you can avoid when you are playing poker on your smartphone, which would lead you to bigger winnings.

Playing Aggressively

Certain beginners play a lot of hands at a time, thanks to multi-tabling. But what they lack is the experience of playing on multi tables. Hence, they end up losing a lot of chips through multi-tabling. If you have started playing poker on an online poker app recently, start playing at a slow pace and then, with time, increase your pace.


Bluffing is an art. Failing to do it properly can land you in an unpleasant situation. Most of the newbies don’t know how to bluff, but they still do it, especially when they have a bad hand, a professional knows how to tell a bluff, and he would most likely pick you four times out of 5.

Letting Your Emotions Control Your Game

Do not ever let your emotions come between you and your game. Even if you win or lose, do not get too overexcited after winning several hands because then it would be very tough to face a defeat after that. Same as well, do not get depressed after losing many hands, because that would affect your next hand, and you will not give your hundred percent.

Not Paying Attention to Your Opponents

Another crucial phase of playing poker is paying attention to your opponents. And not observing your opponent is a fundamental mistake of a beginner. Paying attention to your opponent can change the course of the game. You can easily convert a bad hand into a win if you learn to see through your opponent.

Entering into Tournaments Without Practice

A lot of newbies enter into tournaments without knowing their capabilities. A good player knows his strengths and weaknesses. If he thinks he is not ready to jump into tournaments, he practices more and more and download poker app to get the best experience in practice mode. Hence, do not forget to practice and study the game whenever you get free time. It improves your game a lot.