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5 Things to do When Your Opponent Shows His Cards

Indian online poker game players are well acquainted with the word Showdown. It refers to the process when the opponent shows his cards. It is one of the most crucial moments of the game, as it decides the overall result of a game round. Everybody can just show their cards when they wish to, but usually, players don’t do it. There are various rules for this process as well. Also, they prove to be helpful at any point in the game.

Showdown Rules

There are two sets of rules for the showdown process. One set is for a situation when there is no betting on the last stage, and one is for a situation when there is betting on the last stage.

1. No betting on the last stage

Usually, a when you play poker online, the game starts from the left of the dealer and moves in a clockwise direction. The same is applicable for the showdown. It goes in the same order. The first player will turn his cards face up. Then the next can do the same in turn. It is not compulsory for everyone though. If a player thinks he does not have a winning hand, then he can skip the process. He can just pass them to the dealer’s face down.

2. Betting on the last stage

When there is betting on the last stage, the situation can change. The player with the last bet has to open his cards first. It becomes mandatory for him to do it. After that, the showdown process goes on in a clockwise direction but starting from the player who has raised the last bet and has opened his cards. It does not begin from the left of the dealer. Then each player has his own choice whether to open the cards or not. Mainly there are the two basic and important parts of the showdown process. In addition to these two, there are some more rules that one needs to remember while playing poker. Some of them are given below

3. Showing the cards Early

When you download an online poker app, and start playing, you will notice that a person is free to open or show his cards before his turn comes. This process is developed for convenience so that any player willing to open up his cards is free to do so. It is a good move for many players to take advantage of this rule.

4. Being quick at showdown

When you believe that you have a winning hand, you should be quick in showing the cards. It does not matter whether it is your turn or not. When you play for real amount and you have a strong hand but if you are not quick in the showdown, people will criticize you for this. So, you should not delay much for a showdown.

5. Managing doubts

When you play online poker in India for real amount, you should not hesitate in opening your cards. Sometimes you can misinterpret the situation by wrong judgment about the opponent. When you are unsure or have a doubt about the game, you should showdown or open up your cards.


In online poker game, there is a separate set of rules for the showdown process. It is not very difficult to understand these rules for a poker player because they are not very complicated. There is only one difference in the process that is whether the bet is raised on the last stage or not. Accordingly, they can be implemented in the game.