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play Texas Hold’em online in India

5 Pro Tips to Boost Your Texas Hold’em Game in India

Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant among players enjoying online poker games and is majorly available on a lot of platforms. The game is quite rewarding if you know how to play the game. If you are someone learning the Texas Hold’em variant of the game, then, here are some of the pro tips that can help you boost your game.

1) Know Your Position

When you play Texas Hold’em online in India, there’s one thing that you should keep in mind which is you should try to be “on the button” position. The individual who is on the button position is the last player to make move in the game after the flop, the turn, and the river. And the last player can take a decision after doing complete analysis of all the players who make moves before. This is possibly the best position for a player in the Texas Holdem game. The small blind is considered the worst position for a player because, After the flop, the turn, and the river, the player has to act first in the game. It’s always better to act last in the game.

2) Concentrate on the Other Players

During the gameplay, you should simultaneously focus on what other players are playing in the game. Try to determine whether your opponents are bluffing over you or not. Also, remember your opponent’s move. This can be very helpful while planning your moves. Suppose if any of your opponent always bet a certain amount and all of a sudden, the player increases the amount then it’s a sign that the player is having a great hand. So always concentrate on other players.

3) Don’t Let Other Players See the Flop for Free

Suppose you are holding a hand that is considerably bold enough to see the flop, don’t allow other players to see the flop for free. Raise it by even a minimal amount but raise it. Novice players wait for the chances to see the flop for free or at a very cheap cost, so beware.

4) Don’t Be Afraid to Get out After the Flop

When people play poker game online, folding hands after a flop is quite hard for novice players. Since a player has invested in the pot, he/she is going to stay in the game but sometimes this can put you in danger and can cause you loss of chips. Even if you had a good start in the game, a flop can destroy your game.  So, if flop is not improving your hand and you are also not having a good hand, it’s better to leave the game as soon as you can.

5) Play Smart on the Turn and the River

Apply these simple tips to play smartly on the turn and the river.
1) If you are holding a draw after a turn, try to get the river at the cheapest rate.
2) If you are holding the best hand and are very much confident about it after the turn, increase your bet size and make it expensive for your opponents to watch the river.
3) If the board is displaying 3 cards of the same suit, look for an opponent who is holding a flush.
4) If the community card consists of pair in it, you might be up against a full house

After the river, whether you go for check, bet, fold, or call depends only on the value of your cards. And if your opponents are holding cards better than you then there is no benefit of bluffing your opponents. So, keep these tips in mind when you play the game on an online poker app in India, and become a pro of it.