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5 Differences Between Poker Paid Games and Tournaments

Pay-to-play games and tournaments are the two main formats of online poker games. Few prefer to make winnings by the former while few think that they can earn big by playing the latter. Whilst the gaming objectives of both remain same, there are a few differences in terms of the playing format of the both. Let’s learn the difference between these two formats.


The basics

But before an individual starts learning the differences, he/she must have prior knowledge of the basics of both poker paid games and tournaments. So, let’s learn the basics of cash games and tournaments.

Paid games

Poker Apps in India allow players to join or leave paid contests at their own will and comfort. Players, in paid poker contests can re-buy chips as & when needed. Also, the blind levels in these type of games are passive.


In tournaments, players cannot drop the game until and unless they are out of all chips. Re-buying of chips is not permitted except if players opt for re-buy tournaments and, blind levels are not static here. They keep on increasing after every set level.


Time Commitment

If you want to enjoy a game that ends in less time, then poker paid games are the best choice. Since these allow players enjoy both few and as well as more hands. While playing the paid games, players can leave the game anytime they want, reducing the time commitment factor.

Whereas the tournaments format of the game, require diligent time commitment from the user as tournaments generally last for 8 or more hours. Certainly, it’s not a matter of concern for those who play it professionally but for the ones who play poker along with their jobs or business, it’s not advisable.

In a nutshell, we can say that paid games are the best choice for the players having less time duration with them and tournament games are a good choice for professional players and for those who have ample of time with them.


This is one of the most important reasons behind players choosing paid games over tournaments. Since variances in the former are very few so players’ scope of making winnings increases. A player can make big winnings easily in paid games. Whereas in contrast to this, you will find more variances in tournament games because of which individuals’ chances of winning the game decreases and the risk factor increases. While playing the tournaments format of the online poker game, the players can lose continuously for months or years too. Individuals’ wallet might be able to handle the losses but their self-confidence breaks down totally during tournaments.

Bankroll Requirements

Bankroll requirement for paid games is relatively less. Here, 40 to 50 buy-ins are sufficient for any type of the game. Whereas bankroll requirements for tournament-level games are relatively high. Since in tournament games, players can experience both upswings or downswings so the player has to stay ready to face any of the situations.


The skill-set and decisions that must be applied in the game depend on the size of the stake and odds.

In paid games, the pre-determined size of the stack is there which is nearly about 100bb. Obviously, the size of stake will differ from individual to individual but the skill-set needed to be applied in paid games is comparatively less. And in tournaments, blinds are not static, it keeps on changing and increasing according to the player. So here, individuals have to apply their strategies very precisely and carefully otherwise they will face big losses. So, skill-sets requirement is more in tournament level game as compared to paid games.

These are some of the major differences between paid games & tournaments. One can enjoy both the formats on a single platform as per their will. All they have to do is download an online poker app, register and get started. Choose a format that feels right to you & enjoy the game with big winnings.