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5 Best Texas Hold’em Strategies for Beginners

Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of online poker games among people and is generally played by many. If appropriately played, the game can help you in earning more profits. And to help you maximize your profits, we are sharing some of the best Texas Hold’em strategies with you. Following these strategies will surely benefit you. So, let’s dive in.

1) Selection of Opening Hands

The opening hands that you select in the Texas Holde’m poker game play a vital role in the game. Proper selection of opening hands can make you earn a good profit in the game. But the opening hands that you decide depends only on your position. The position also plays an important role here. Try to stay closer at the button position because the one who is at the button position has to play last in the game to make a complete analysis of all the former hands and plan his move accordingly. Other than this, an individual should also consider the number of players at hand. Since the value of hands differ when you play against 1 and 6 players, so select the opening hands in such a manner that can make you profit in any given situation.

2) Betting Size

Betting size must be applied very carefully in the game. When you play no limit games, players can bet as much as they want and at any time. This freedom to bet limitless can put many players into a problem. So, it’s quite better to follow what’s happening at your table to size your bet correctly. It’s quite certain that you won’t be able to see your opponent’s card before betting, but their hands and moves make you aware of your opponent’s hand so you can bet accordingly. If you have a stronger hand, you can keep your betting size stronger but if you have a weaker hand, keep your betting size smaller.

3) Knowing When to Fold

This is one of the most common blunders that poker players usually do. They know that their moves are not working in the game. They are losing more than winning, but they still choose to continue playing. Knowing when to fold can save you from facing big losses. Also, the act of folding keeps your bankroll stable. Always remember that when you play online poker game, folding doesn’t make you a loser. The poker game is played for making profits, not for facing losses.

4) No Limping Allowed

Limping is not a good thing for you. So, try to avoid limping. Best poker players usually raise their hands when they are first to enter the pot. If you are limping more than raising, then you have weaker hands. In such a situation, it’s better to fold than to limp. Limping when you are out of the position can be quite risky, and it can make you suffer big losses since professional players generally attack the limpers as they consider them weak players. If you want to limp, use an open limp. This is generally not used by any of the players but is a good strategy.

5) “Have position” over your opponents

Position matters a lot in the game of poker. Having a position over your opponents can maximize your profits and can be very advantageous for you. Having position over your opponents, help you in knowing the moves of your fellow players before you plan your moves. This can help you in winning and having knowledge can help you in bluffing more accurately. Also, you can bet in the game with much more confidence. So having a position over your opponents is advantageous.